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"my mistake on the bus"    by M.K

I encountered a lot of different cultures after I came to Hawaii. And I often made mistakes. I would like to talk about how and what I learned from my mistakes on the bus.

On the bus, I noticed various kinds of things are different from what I know in Japan. I was surprised to learn that we must pull on a string when we want to get off the bus. At first, I was at a loss because in Japan, we push a button to get off. There is another more important difference that I learned there. It's about priority seats. In Japan priority seats are provided on public transport. Priority seats are for elderly people or handicapped people. In Hawaii, there are priority seats too.

In Japan, few healthy people sit on priority seats. So, when I first got on the bus in Hawaii, I didn't sit on a priority seat but stood on the walkway. And I didn't realize by doing so, I was blocking other passengers and even the driver. After some time on the bus, I became aware of that. And I noticed a cultural difference.

I think that American people don't hesitate to give up seats quickly for the elderly and the handicapped. Very few Japanese give up their seats. When I see Americans do so, I felt ashamed of myself because I was too self-conscious to give up my seat for others; I was not really thinking about them. It was there in Hawaii that I learned to give up my seat to someone who needs it more than me.

About six months have passed since I came back to Japan from Hawaii. So, I can give up my seat for the elderly or handicapped. I feel as happy here as in Hawaii when I hear them say "thank you" to me. By doing so, as I did in Hawaii, I even begin to talk with them. I think that I have learned how to be useful for others.


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